Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships

The EMLA transformation team plays an active role in supporting Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships across the East Midlands in the planning of their organisational and system development. The team has been working closely with STPs over the past few months to develop action plans, bespoke to each individual footprint area to support the delivery of their plans.

The nature of transformation requires flexibility, adaptability, critical challenge and an understanding of the nuances in approach from area to area. To date the team has delivered bespoke facilitation, programmatic support through the Leading Across Boundaries programme for locally integrated teams, systems leadership masterclasses and an innovation and improvement programme.

STP Laboratories have also proved to be effective, with one held in each STP footprint area. Tailored
for STP teams, the one day Leadership Laboratory acts as a catalyst to inform the process and shaping
of a new kind of collective leadership. The event provides an intensive short-cut to help leaders jointly
shape a climate of innovation and partnership, in which their carefully formulated plans can become a
transforming reality.

To find out more about how we’re supporting the transformation agenda email Kate Horton.