As the NHS faces the challenges of the future we need to know that we are attracting and integrating individuals with the right skills and behaviours and are developing and retaining existing staff. We need to identify future potential at all levels and provide the development needed to achieve the highest standards of patient care, leadership and organisational performance.

Talent management supports our understanding of:

  • Where talent is now and in the future
  • What skills and experience that talent will need
  • What talent you currently have, where it is and how good it is
  • How you can best develop that talent to meet future needs

EMLA is working in collaboration with its members to develop a system that will offer a consistent approach to capturing talented people yet will have the flexibility needed to develop bespoke approaches within varied settings.

NHS Leadership Academy Toolkit

After much collaboration across the country the NHS Leadership Academy Toolkit is now available.

Organisations across the country are also taking part in pilots with the new toolkit and will work with the NHS Leadership Academy to develop the toolkit.  There is already some great work taking place within organisations across the East Midlands and the NHS Leadership Academy tool has been designed to complement not replace any of the existing good work.

Find out more about the NHS Leadership Academy's approach to Talent Management.

If you would like more information on the current Talent Management activity within the East Midlands, please contact the East Midlands Academy at