Triumvirate Programme

About the Programme

The innovative Triumvirate primary care leadership and change agent programme has been successfully developed by West Midlands Leadership Academy. Teams from over 40 practices in the West Midlands have already completed the programme over the past two years, with 94% of participants reporting that they are fully or increasingly confident as change agent leaders following the programme.

It is designed to enable a team of three multi-professional practitioners from your primary care practice to become a collaborative team of change agents. The leadership and improvement science tools and resources gained as part of the programme will enable you to transform your organisation giving it the ability to thrive on change challenges, transform systems/processes and create an enhanced collaborative organisational team culture.

How does it work?

By collectively developing three primary care leaders to become a cohesive, collaborative change agent team. The programme empowers them to inclusively apply their learning and change toolkit with practice colleagues enusring that the whole organisation  benefits from the learning.

The ultimate return on investment for your practice is not only transforming the individuals on the programme and your wider practice colleagues, but also in tangibly advancing a collaborative organisational change project of your choice, which will better equip your practice into embracing future sustainable transformational change.

Who is it for?

The Triumvirate concept is unique in that it brings together three different kinds of health professionals from your practice including a Medic, Clinician and Manager (i.e. GP, Practice Nurse and Practice Manager), or equivalents in wider primary care organisations including Dentistry and Pharmacy etc.

Learning Days

Triumvirate will utilise six workshop days to equip your change team with the personal development, team development, and improvement science toolkit to enable them to progress your organisational change project. The final celebration day enables all cohorts to come together to share their learning, create a wider peer support network and plan for their future change initiatives.

Cohort 2

27th September, 2018

26th October, 2018

19th November, 2018

12th December, 2018

11th January, 2019

11th February, 2019

Cohort 3

3rd October, 2018

31st October, 2018

27th November, 2018

18th December, 2018

21st January, 2019

19th February, 2019

To Apply

Applications for cohorts 2 and 3 will open shortly.