Mary Seacole Programme

The Mary Seacole Programme is a six month leadership development programme designed to develop knowledge and skills in leadership and management. It is aimed at first time leaders in healthcare, or those aspiring to their first formal leadership role. It’s for you if you’re: 

  •  Looking to move into your first leadership role
  •  In a ‘formal’ position of leadership with responsibilities for people and services
  •  Able to relate what you learn to your workplace.

The concept of learning how to be a leader when you’re in the thick of your day to day responsibilities can seem rather abstract, but the Mary Seacole programme is grounded in reality and results in real workplace application.

The programme aims to provide the balance between learning the theory and putting it into practice. It empowers people to turn their success into consistent team and system success and to champion compassionate patient care.

How to Apply

There are two approaches to accessing the new Mary Seacole offer;

the first being by individuals joining a nationally run cohort at organisational level at a cost of £995 per person.  Further information about the national programme

Alternatively, the national team is now offering the opportunity to work across systems, in partnership with local organisations across STP footprints, with the programme designed and tailored to local STP context and place-based needs.

Mary Seacole: local systems

  • The programme is six months in duration and is mapped to the STP footprint of the relevant county.
  • The application process and delegate shortlisting is managed at county level.
  • Delegates must be familiar with the STP aligned to the programme to achieve the best learning outcomes.

The programme consists of a blended learning approach of twelve units, each taking between five and ten hours of online study time.

Units 1-8 cover leadership fundamentals and build on each other as the programme progresses
Units 9-12 are flexible and can be taken at any point in the programme. These relate to the core management skills of:

  1. Fundamentals of Finance
  2. Recruitment and Selection
  3. Fundamentals of HR  
  4. Appraisals and annual review

Assessment is through undertaking online activity, attendance at all three face to face workshops, contributing to the online discussion forums throughout and submission of a 2,000 word assignment demonstrating how you’ve developed and applied your leadership.

Successful completion will lead to an NHS Leadership Academy Award in Healthcare Leadership.

The East Midlands counties currently deploying the system approach to Mary Seacole are: