Coaching CPD 2018/19

After completing a coaching qualification either in ILM7 or European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) Practitioner Level, it’s fair to say the first part of your mission is well and truly accomplished.  
Now your journey continues with Continuing Professional Development (CPD) along with supervision, to ensure you continue to be a competent coach. It is an ongoing process and lasts throughout your coaching career.

The East Midlands Leadership Academy requires coaches to follow the EMCC Code of Ethics in your coaching practice. As such there is a requirement for coaches to attend CPD sessions.

As defined by the EMCC - CPD is the learning process required for coaches and mentors to ensure that their coaching standards and competencies are maintained and enhanced over time.  For the individual coach this means ongoing commitment to developing his/her knowledge base and technical expertise.  It also means keeping up to date with evolving best practices.  Ultimately the purpose of CPD is to support professional and personal growth by the coach in order to ensure that accredited coaches are competent and effective.

8th October 2018 - Supporting Transformation Coaching CPD



Who is Coaching CPD for?

Coaches who are registered on the EMLA coaching database and, participants who are currently completing the EMCC Coach Mentoring Practitioner Level Qualification.


To fully subscribed member organisations, costs are included in your subscription and no fee is applicable.  If you are unsure if your organisation has membership, please see our eligibility information

Cancellation Policy

Our full cancellation terms and conditions have been outlined in our policy.


For further information please email or call 0115 748 4277 and ask to speak to the programme lead.