Relationships & Connectivity – Effective Communications for Leaders

Thursday, 22nd February, 2018 9:00am to 5:00pm

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About the Workshop

Session 1: Introducing Linguistic Profiling

Based upon core techniques of reflection and consciousness-raising, the LiPP team will enable you to assess and evaluate the communication strategies that you use on a day-to-day basis. Communication at work is often fraught with pitfalls, which can make it a difficult task. The workshop will introduce a series of effective strategies that can be used to pinpoint potential conflict quickly and effectively.

Session 2: Linguistic Toolkits: Rapport, Relationships and Building Connectivity

This session presents a set of practically useful linguistic toolkits to enable you to identify the communicative styles you use to establish relationships, create teams and develop working relationships. This includes practical steps to consider and evaluate the communication culture of teams or departments and to assess what happens when these do not align with other departments.

Session 3: Resolving Miscommunication and Conflict Resolution (with professional actors)

With a focus on identifying and resolving miscommunication and conflict, this session incorporates actors performing real-life examples of dealing with miscommunication and conflict, to actively demonstrate how your strategies cane help.

Session 4: Communication Culture, Relationships and Connectivity

This session examines how different communications cultures exist within large, complex organisations. We will focus specifically on how this affects the different and flexible ways in which relationships need to be established and explores the use of different communicative methods across a range of stakeholders.

Session 5: Digital communication and leading through social media

The final session focuses upon the advantages of using digital communication, especially social media, strategically to enhance connectivity through team building and relationship management online. You will be taught troubleshooting strategies for situations where social media can go wrong, as well as strategies that can be implemented to get social media working successfully.

By the end of the session, you will have gained the following skills:

  • The ability to reflect upon and critically evaluate your own communication styles in order to clearly identify core skills and behavioural competencies
  • The ability to identify and implement the key communication styles and strategies that will enhance interactions with your teams/departments
  • The ability to understand, interpret and apply Linguistic Profiling toolkits for successful rapport management, connectivity and relationship-building in everyday communication with a wide range of stakeholders
  • A set of core communication strategies enabling miscommunication and conflict to be dealt with in an appropriate, efficient and adaptable manner
  • Enhanced confidence and experience to critically consider effective ways to adapt your communication styles and change approaches to build relationships
  • The confidence and skills to build trust and empathy in your workplace relationships with a wide variety of audiences and stakeholders
  • The inspiration to create connections confidently and to encourage influencing beyond authority

Delivered by world-leading experts in communication from the University of Nottingham with a proven track record in innovative and engaging workshops, the Linguistic Profiling for Professionals team deliver long-lasting, sustainable improvements in the behavioural competencies of leaders. Through enabling trust, building strong relationships and connectivity, you will learn how to create an effective, efficient and positive working environment. Who is it for?

Who is it for?

The workshop is designed for all leaders who would like to develop their relationship and connectivity skills

What does it cost?

The workshop is free to attend to fully subscribed member organisations, costs are included in your subscription and no fee is applicable.  If you are unsure whether your organisation is a member, please see the eligibility page of the website.

For any enquiries about the day please contact either Pam Smith-Falls, Programme Lead, or Kerry Chapman, Programme Coordinator at or please call 0115 748 4277.

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