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Operational Leadership Creativity and Innocation 5th December, 2017 Coaching CPD 1 day workshop Think Tank 9th February 2018 Facilitation Skills Workshop Coaching Supervision 19th April TM & OD Network Supporting Transformation cohort 1 CS4L (2) Supporting transformation cohort 2 Leadership series 1 Cohort Supporting transformation cohort 3 (£20,000) Operational Leadership series cohort (2)
Masterclass 1 day event EMCC Coaching Programme Cohort 7 - Launch day Coaching Skills for Leaders 20th February, 2018 2 day non-residential workshop OD Network Meeting ½ day event HLCM facilitator day (1) CS4L (1) HCLM CPD (1) Conference 90 (1) EMCC Coaching (1) CS4L (3) CS4L (4) Masterclass 50 (2)
Talent Conversations Leadership Essentials Conference 1 day event GMTS Operational Leadership Balancing the books Masterclass 50 (1) VLN (2) Coaching Supervision (17th July) Coaching CPD (1) TM & OD network HLCM facilitator day (3) Coaching CPD (2)
OD Consultancy Programme Healthcare Leadership model 1 day facilitator training Relationships and Connectivity 1 day workshop GMP (1) GMTS - 2017 Gards Flexi Proposal Presentations Relationships & Connectivity (2) (11th July) Complex Conversations Workshop Model hospitals cohort (1) Coaching Supervision (18th October) GMTS 2018 Intake Welcome Event (18th October)
Relationships and Connectivity 1 day workshop Coaching Supervision (virtual) 3 sessions available: 9am-11am, 11.30am-12.30pm, 2pm-4pm OD and Talent Network Meeting Relationship & Connectivity (1) (23rd May) Resilient Leadership Workshop GMTS Placement & Programme Manager Training Facilitating Change Skills Workshop Relationships & Connectivity (3) (19th September) Political Astuteness/Organisation al Savvy Workshop Relationships & Connectivity (4) (22nd November)
Operational Leadership Developing an Effective Business Case Balancing the Books Workshop Influencing Beyond Authority Workshop Leading and Developing Great Teams Workshop Resilient Leadership Workshop Thinking Creatively Workshop
Facilitation Skills Workshop Thinking Creatively Workshop Developing an Effective Business Case Workshop Influencing Beyond Authority


The East Midlands Leadership Academy is a membership organisation developed to serve the leadership and development needs of the all NHS organisations in the East Midlands. It was created in November 2009 to promote and deliver the senior leadership development agenda for the East Midlands.

It aims to develop leadership capacity and capability in all of its membership organisations by designing, commissioning and delivering high quality leadership development interventions and activity. The work programme is defined by member organisations. The Leadership Academy also provides the regional home for the co-ordination of national leadership activity and government priorities.

 Its central aim is to:

"Improve services to patients, carers and service users through inclusive, more effective leadership."


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Programme / Event What is it? Who's it for?
Coaching Skills for Leaders Coaching as a leadership style aims to use a questioning technique to release the potential of colleagues thus in turn allowing individuals, teams and systems to reach futher and continue to evolve; a coaching culture is one of limitless potential. All leaders who would like to develop coaching skills to release the potential held within teams and systems.
Conferences Throughout the year the EMLA team will offer a host of one off conferences. Varies.
Continuous Professional Development (CPD) and supervision for Coaches and Mentors Our CPD for coaches portfolio offers coaches the opportunity to continue to develop their skills as well as a chance to join a database and network of coaches. Coaches and mentors across the East Midlands.
EMCC Coaching The EMCC Practitioner Level Diploma in Coach Mentoring is the East Midlands Leadership Academy's programme to qualify new coaches. Individuals wishing to become a qualified coach.
Facilitation Skills This two day facilitation skills workshop enables leaders specifically working in transformation roles to facilitate high level group conversations. Senior leaders working in transformation roles in health and social care as identifies by STP teams.
General Manager's Programme This programme will aim to cover the importance of high quality leadership within the NHS, as well as equipping participants with the skills to build partnerships and operate effectively across organisations. Aspiring General Managers and those new in post.
Graduate Management Training Scheme (GMTS) A fast track leadership development programme designed to nurture new and existing talented individuals Individuals with a desire and determination to lead the NHS to the highest standards of quality and efficiency for the next generation.
Healthcare Leadership Model - facilitator training The Heathcare Leadership 360 Report provides and insight into how individuals are performing against the healthcase leadership model. Staff at all levels wishing to become a trained feedback facilitator of the HCLM.
Masterclasses Masterclasses are short, topic based, face to face interventions with subject matter expert which aim to increase knowledge on the specific subject. Large scale event open to membership and STP areas and targeted to those with a specific interest in the subject.
Operational Leadership A series of seven highly practical, standalone workshops that have been designed to help to develop the day to day skills required for today's NHS leaders. Staff who have some operational management responsibility, an indicative banding for this will be 7-8a.
Organisational Development Essentials Programme A bespoke, three day modular foundation programme, for those with a passion for making a real difference to organisational success, patient experience and outcomes. People working in innovation, change, service improvement, training or education.
Organisational Development Network A network of colleagues and peers who are all involved or interested in Organisation Development across the East Midlands. People working in innovation, change, service improvement, training or education.
QI Network The network brings together people who are working in and have expertise in the quality field. Individuals working in or interested in the field of quality improvement.
Relationships and Connectivity This workshop is designed to examine the nature of relationships that we form; what works for us; and what things we are doing that means relationships break down or don't form in the first place. All staff.
Supporting Transformation The supporting transformation programme is designed to support healthcare leaders dealing with complex and challenging change. All leaders needing the skills to deliver trasnformation at an individual team, organisation and system level.
Talent Conversations A highly practical one day workshop that will equip organisational Talent Champions with the skills, confidence and understanding to teach and support managers in their organisation to use a range of coaching and career development tools and ensure that they have great talent conversations. Talent Leads/Champions
Talent Network Sharing and spreading good practice in the field of talent management and developing a community of talent management and developing a community of talent champions that can work as talent activists to spread best practice and support an inclusive talent management approach at organisation and system level. This network is aimed at individuals who are responsible for talent management in their organisation and also managers who are responsible for leading teams of staff.
Think Tank An opportunity to contribute to thought leadership around specific topics. Alumni and senior staff wanting to contribute to the development of thought leadership and research on varying topics.
Visible Leaders Network The network aims to support BME staff in their career development and to establish a strong network to enable members to act as champions of inclusion in their own organisation and more widely. Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) leaders from across the East Midlands, indicative banding 6-8a.

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